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Smart City – Urban Development and Digital Change


Students from three different continents have met in the frame of the city partnerships between Hamburg, Dar es Salaam, and St. Petersburg in the first week of October 2016 in the International Media Center (IMC). The IMC at HAW Hamburg organized a workshop in cooperation with the University of Dar es Salaam and the State University of St. Petersburg focusing on "Smart City – Urban Development and Digital Change"
The 20 participants gathered insights in the impact of new technologies on the future of big citites. the workshop was led by Zuhura Selemani, assistant lecturerer at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Petra Pissulla, director of international exchange programs at IMC, and Dr. Steffen Burkhardt, Professor of Media and Culture at HAW Hamburg, Germany. The information exchanged have been published in five reports:


Smart infrastructures play an increasing role in business development all over the world. Especially harbour cities explore new ways of creating smarter solutions for ports. What has been done in terms of smart infrastructure in the harbour cities Hamburg, Saint Petersburg and Dar es Salaam? Read more...

Healthcare and the City

There are different players in the healthcare management environment like medical technology companies, health insurance funds that cover people’s expenses, and the health economy trying to support companies in taking care of employee’s health. Smart cities combine these different healthcare institutions to improve the life of their citizens. Read more...


The FinTech (R)Evolution

Financial technology is developing with fast pace all over the world, while traditional banking services seem to become less important for customers. We met one of Germany’s FinTech pioneers, Stefan Herbst, spoke to Tanzanian citizens and visualized Russian FinTech developments to get a brief overview of financial services and visions in 2016. Read more...



Different cities, different solutions, same goal: smartness in our homes

Smart Homes – when talking about this topic, many people are thinking of science fictional environments, in which fridges can automatically order fresh milk or where we can beam ourselves from one room into another. But what could a smart home really look like? Read more...


Dealing with waste management problems

All over the world are still landfills for disposing waste, having dramatic effects on the planet. A smart way of dealing with it is an important global task to save the environment. Reusing waste to create new products or energy is a helpful way to have a sustainable use of resources. Read more...


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